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The right property management company can make your investment a dream!

HDN Management is a family-run property management firm. We manage a portfolio of select properties throughout North Metro Minnesota. We offer you hands-on, personalized management of your residential investments with tenant procurement and screening, active 24/7 maintenance, and ongoing capital improvements for maximum asset appreciation. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and hard-working. Let us bring your single-family house, townhome or condo to its highest and best use!

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Quality Tenants

Professional property managers are good at finding a high quality tenant who will pay rent on time and take care of your property. We have the tools and resources that are necessary to conduct a thorough tenant screening. Background checks will include reviewing credit history, verifying employment and income, checking criminal records and talking to current and former landlords.

On Time Rent Collection

You don't have time to chase down late rent payments, and we will handle that for you. Our proven process has allowed us to collect rent on time and disburse it to our owners quickly and efficiently. There's no hassle for you, and tenants know exactly what is expected from them in terms of rental payments. We have a low eviction rate because of our ability to screen rigorously and communicate openly with renters.

Maximize Your ROI

Working with a professional property manager will help you achieve a great return on your investment. Vacancy time will be reduced and the property will get rented quickly to a high quality tenant. You will also get a competitive and profitable rental price because your manager knows the local market and what tenants are willing to pay for properties like yours. You will also get tenants who stay longer because they are happy with the management we provide.

Trust & Professional

Your property manager is responsible for protecting your asset and keeping you out of legal trouble. We treat your property as if it was our own and all of our decisions are made with your best interests in mind. You can trust us to do more than just collect rent and place tenants; we want to help you grow your portfolio and achieve a higher return on your investment. When you partner with us, you get experts with the education and experience that's required to successfully manage a rental property.

Minneapolis Realtor Nidhi Joshi

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Nidhi Joshi is an active residential investor and agent in North Metro Minnesota neighborhoods. Nidhi has been managing rental properties over 5 years. She brings her design acumen and real estate experience to each property she manages. Nidhi works with and advises owners on how to maximize each investment. Read more...

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Real Estate & Management Service

Partial service

  • Vacancy Showings
  • property marketing and advertising
  • Property evaluation with price determination
  • Tenant Screening and tenant services
  • Tenant move-in inspection
  • Collection of First month's rent and security deposit
  • Standardizd contracts
  • Professional, dependable and friendly staff
  • Commission based fees
  • No Rent, No Fee!

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Full service

  • Rent Collection, Financial account management
  • Generate bills/invoices
  • Monthly Statements
  • Handling all maintenance requests
  • property marketing and advertising
  • 24 - Hour support call
  • Eviction coordination
  • Tenant move-out inspection/coordination
  • CRP tax form completion
  • Rental Consultations and Insurance Review
  • Periodic resident property inspections
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